How to Pass IELTS Writing Book

  • This is our very own book which we wrote and illustrated for our students, based on our students needs. This book will help you learn:
  • How official IELTS books mislead you
  • How the test is graded
  • Essay / Report / Letter Structures
  • Task 1 and Task 2 Guidance
  • Key Vocabulary
  • Complex Sentence Structures
  • Key Grammar 
  • This is the same book we give every one of our students and it is the foundation on what we teach at Southern Star Language School!
  • It is available as both an Ebook and in Print. Follow the links below to purchase your copy!





 In this course you will learn the secrets of IELTS writing. This means, how to pass the test with a high score based on the IELTS requirements.  

 You will gain the following:

-A FREE copy of "How to Pass IELTS Writing" a IELTS writing ebook in the first lecture.

-Structures for Task 1 and Task 2

-Learn all types of Task 1

-Learn all types of Task 2

-Homework with essay and review explanation

-Step by step instruction

-Key Grammar

-Key Vocabulary

-How to write complex sentences

-How to analyse graphs, charts, maps and diagrams

-How to write essays and give convincing arguments.

This course has been designed and is the same curriculum I use at my school in Melbourne, Australia. I will ensure you know the secrets of how the test is graded along with how to actually write with consistent structures.  

At the end of course you will be able to:

Write convincing essays with descriptive academic vocabulary

Analyse charts and graph to create a well-organised and logical report

Brainstorm to find reasons for your answers

Learn complex sentences

Improve your English

Pass the test with confidence

IELTS and PTE Lesson Material in Melbourne